Tri'd N Tru Pembroke Welsh Corgis & Siberian Forest Cats

WELCOME to Tri'd N Tru, a small, hobby, home kennel & cattery, located in North Carolina

Our Siberians                             

Siberians mature slowly over a period of five years growing a beautiful long triple coat. They are low dander and many allergy suffers can live symptom free with this breed. They are very friendly, confident and get along well with dogs. My cats live indoors, have free run of the house, and eat only a raw meat diet. After trying many foods we feel this is the healthiest diet for cats. All of our cats are now spayed/neutered.  

       DOB-9/21/04 neutered and living forever at Tri'd N Tru

"Tush" Sibirskiy Ptashka at Tri'd N Tru  brown/black/white tabby 

RW SGC Tribblecurl Deemeeknatash / KatyMcFurr Ginger of Sibirskiy

Tushy is our resident clown, puppy babysitter, and all around buddy. He loves to travel in the RV to dog shows. We never thought we could have a cat due to Marty's allergies but he lives symptom free with our Siberians. He is maturing into a beautiful cat with a  lovely outline,  correct coat and ample bone. He is a joy to live with. He always greets us with a flip onto his back and the Siberian chirp purr.  

 His dad is "Deemeek" 

His mom

Raina came to us bred to "Ben" RW SGC Kendercat's Golden Boy of Sibirskiy The litter only produced two kittens (pictured below). She is very sweet and feminine. Her dad is "Nettie" 

  Her mom as a kitten 





Crystal is Raina's kitten living here at Tri'd N Tru.

DOB-8/07/07, spayed


"Raina" Sibirskiy Raina of Tri'd N Tru


DGC Sibirskiy Nehkov / Katy McFurr Sophie of Sibirskiy


DOB-7/19/08, spayed  

"Crystal" Tri'd N Tru Precious Stone


 SGC Kendercat's Golden Boy of Sibirskiy / Sibirskiy Raina of Tri'd N Tru


 Our First and only Litter


                                           Sixteen Weeks Old     

"Crystal" remains here at Tri'd N Tru 

          Tri'd N Tru Precious Stone                             


                                          Seven Weeks Old  


                                                Four weeks Old         


                                               Three weeks old



                                   Two weeks old 





                   Boy                           Girl

 "Sterling"  has a wonderful home in Virginia with Tri'd N Tru corgis Palmer and Stella.

      Tri'd N Tru Polished Silver  











                  One week old


"Sterling" Tri'd N Tru Polished Silver   

"Crystal" Tri'd N Tru Precious Stone